Wholesale clothing company COCO & tashi.com are a women’s wholesale clothing distributor based in Montreal, Canada

Our wholesale clothing store include : women’s tops, women’s dresses, women’s bottoms, women’s outerwears, women’s jackets, women’s sweaters, women’s tunics.

Each of our style of the wholesale clothing collection comes in pre packs of 6 or 7 pcs/clr
( 2small, 2medium, 2 large) or ( 2small, 2medium, 2 large, 1 Xlarge). To view some of  our styles, please visit cocotashi.com. There you will find fashionable items to stock up your inventory in so many different ways. As a women’s wholesale clothing company, we seek to offer wide variety of styles for our fashion conscious and style savvy customers.

From trendy casual wear to chic dresses and fashionable tops and colorful outerwear, we have you covered.

A line that is truly unique, young and edgy with a twist at cocotashi.com we strive to offer our customers amazing styles